Microsoft Teams is Hot!

On all fronts Microsoft Teams is generating heat: attention, excitement, development, requests, debate, ideas and here and there some frustration when the early adaptors are impatient on all the nice updates to come.

The main reason for all of this is that Teams is going to be THE (team) communication tool for Office 365 users.

It is not only about replacing Skype for Business as chat, phone and video tool, Teams is bringing a great amount of apps together under one roof. Integration of files, calendar and meetings and planner to mention a few. Furthermore extra features like bots and connectors to your favourite non-microsoft apps and data feeds.

No more scattered emails, no more going throught the chat history in outlook,  document library at hand, private chat when needed and chat with non Teams users connecting to their Skype for Business.

Teams changes the total approach on communication and Team work.

With Teams access via the web, a desktop app and mobile apps you really can stay connected with your team in a very easy way.

Teams is up and running and you can start (considering it is included in your Microsoft license plan) with very little effort.

The first step is to just embrace what the app offers at this moment and simply start using it.

For me this was in the first place getting my team to install the desktop app for easier access and notifications and start doing all our team related communication entirely with the persistent chat function. Soon the installation of the mobile app followed and now being used as much as the desktop app.

My personal focus in using Teams is the basics of persistant team chat and discussing. And that is the beauty of it too, you do not need to start using all the bells and whistles.

Keep it simple in the beginning, start chatting, calling and have meetings. Discuss and share. In the end it is about the information and data communication, not about the tool.

Let the tool be the tool and Teams is a great tool that will only become greater.

A lot is going on regarding development and improvements. Yes there are so bugs to be solved. Yes there are other applications that have nicer features for the moment.

Just remember that it is Teams that is becoming central in Office 365 combining all the nice stuff and nothing is stopping you from already enjoying the ride!


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Enjoy the ride!