About Me and this blog

Hi, my name is Martinus, and I am a Dutch self-made SharePoint Online administrator and architect living in Poland.

I am for more than 6 years working now for an international organization as a global functional application manager for Office365 administration, architecture, setup, training and second level support for all the global sites worldwide (Europe, North America and Asia).

Since 2018 I am operating as an independent consultant and I am using my more than 20 years of experience in working within the manufacturing and designing industry (16 years as Mechanical Engineer) for designing,  implementing and supporting process enhancement solutions with the usage of Office365.

This blog is my idea of starting to share my experiences and ideas with the crowd.

My idea is to work as much “Out of the box” without any custom coding.

This will allow you to benefit from all the beautiful functions Microsoft is already developing for you so you can have a great functioning Office365 platform with minimal effort, cost and maintenance.

Office365 online is a dynamic cloud platform constantly updated and improved by Microsoft so let’s go with the flow.


“Martinus Consulting” – Martinus Hamers

bielski – sląskie – Polska (PL)

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