Is there a future for Yammer?

I like to share my thoughts today with you following up on a Collaboris Post with the title “Will Microsoft Teams replace Yammer?“.


I believe that with the rise of Microsoft Teams, Yammer will have a hard time to keep alive due to the social alternatives out there like the Facebooks and WeChats of this world.

Yammer had two usages before Teams was there: Social Platform and Team collaboration. The last aspect is now being replaced by Teams leaving only the social platform to be taken seriously.

In my experience, people like to keep work and private life separated on the app level. I see a lot of social interaction from global company users outside Office 365, with Facebook, WeChat and WhatsApp for example.

And if we consider the outer circle aspect in an organization then the modern communication/news and hub pages are taking over a lot of the global communication functionality.

In case you want as an organization to have your own social platform like Yammer where your employees interact on social bases you need to find an incentive that offers more than the other players already do.

Still, the challenge for me will be more when to use Yammer and not modern communication/news pages.

Yammer as an app is lacking a lot of features I think. It balances at the moment too much in between Teams (the real Team collaboration app) and a social platform.

Only if Microsoft really uplifts Yammer with a modern experience and functionality like its competitors it has a real chance.

The other reason Yammer might survive for the moment could be that big organizations do not like to switch their complete Yammer setup to Teams and will keep using Yammer as Team collaboration tool. I do not think this will last long though, thanks to the speedy development of Teams and all its beautiful options.

Let’s keep collaborating 🙂

Author: Martinus Hamers

Hi, My Name is Martinus and I am a self made Office365, focus on SharePoint Online and Teams, administrator and architect. I have been spending my time the last years with an international organisation as a functional application manager for SharePoint Online providing administration, architecture, setup, providing training info and updates and second line support tasks for all the global sites worldwide.

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